Connected Voice For Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone

Add external calling to Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the matter of minutes with Connected Voice, an automated, fully managed cloud-based service for US and AU businesses.

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What is Connected Voice

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Connected Voice is the simple solution for small and medium organizations who want to eliminate the need for on-premises voice calling hardware. With online ordering and automation, its quick and easy to set up, and simple to use.

In short, Connected Voice adds external voice calling to Microsoft Teams (using Operator Connect or Direct Routing) and Zoom – high quality calling via a fully managed service. Connected Voice bridges the gap for many smaller businesses, and gives you the confidence to make the PSTN switch sooner rather than later.

What’s more, with Pure-IP you’ll have direct access to technical-led support 24/7 to help you when you need it, as well as your own management portal to monitor and manage your services.

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Why Choose Connected Voice

Cost Effective

We believe in transparency. With Connected Voice you only pay for the calls you make and a nominal monthly rental, making the service up to 60% more cost effective for the average business.

Flexible Tech

Connected Voice is available for Microsoft Teams Operator Connect, Direct Routing and Zoom Phone – giving you access to PSTN replacement services in 47 countries. More reach, less stress.

Ease of Admin

Set up new numbers quickly, port existing numbers with ease – Connected Voice is an ideal PSTN replacement solution.


We’re trusted by millions of users. With our trusted geo-redundant network and 24/7 technical-led support you can be confident that you have a resilient and future-proof solution.

How Connected Voice works

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“Connected Voice will help you migrate your enterprise telephony to the cloud in minutes, using Microsoft Teams or Zoom Phone.”
Gary Forrest, Chief Executive Officer