Connected Voice from Pure IP

Your Questions Answered


1. What are the prerequisites?

Whether you opt for Microsoft Teams or Zoom Phone, you will need to ensure you have the prerequisite Microsoft Teams Phone or Zoom Phone licenses. You can still order your Connected Voice services but will need the licenses to allocate the numbers to specific users. We recommend, particularly with Microsoft licensing, that you speak to your license partner to get the current status on required licenses. 

In terms of other prerequisites, if you opt for the Direct Routing option for Microsoft Teams, you will be required to do some configuration with your Teams tenant. We will provide with details on how to configure your Teams tenant as part of the ordering process.

2. How do I configure my Teams tenant?

You only need to configure your tenant if you opt for Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing. Instructions on how to configure your Teams tenant will be provided as part of the order process. After placing your order, you will have access to a step-by-step guide of how to configure and get your Teams tenant.

3. How do I know what I need to order?

You will be provided with guidance throughout the process to help you simply assess what you need to order. All you need to know in advance is how many users you require and in what country.

You can add additional numbers or porting across existing numbers at anytime in the future.

4. Can I keep my existing numbers?

Yes. Simply select the appropriate option on the Connected Voice order page.

5. Do I need to prepare anything in advance before ordering?

The only thing you need to have in advance is a clear idea of the number of users you require and decide upon your preferred platform.

You will require the appropriate Microsoft and Zoom licenses, plus having your Teams tenant appropriately configured before your service can be se set live (only applies to Direct Routing), but these are not required in advance of ordering your connectivity and numbers with Connected Voice.

6. Are minutes included or charged separately?

Minutes are not included in the initial cost. We offer a transparent pricing model whereby you only pay for the minutes you actually use. We find that this approach typically works out as up to 60% more cost effective for our customers than call bundles.

Your monthly bill will be made up of a monthly rental for each number and the connection, plus any call minutes used.

7. How much does it cost?

You will pay monthly in advance for for your number rental and channel connections. The initial amount will cover the first months rental and set up fees.  

After the service has been set up, you will be invoiced at the end of each month which will include the next months number rental fees and cost of any calls made in the previous month.

In terms of call charges, you only pay for the minutes you actually use. A full list of the monthly calls will be accessible via your personal customer portal.

8. In what countries is the service available?

Currently you can buy the service if you are based in the United States or Australia, but there are no restrictions on what countries you can call.

To register your interest in a different country, please contact us directly.

9. Are there any limitations?

There are no limitations on the features you will enjoy, including full CLI and emergency services features where appropriate. 

Online ordering of Connected Voice is limited to up to 30 channels which on average ratios equates to up to 1500 users. If you require more than this, please contact us directly to discuss your requirement. You will probably be more suited to our SeRVE offering. Please also note that this service is aimed at 100 users and above.

In terms of capacity, you will be set at a high enough level to allow you plenty of scope for calls and traffic peaks, but also at a level that will protect you from malicious use. This level can be adjusted at any time after the first month by contacting Pure IP directly.

10. What post deployment support do I get?

Following the successful provisioning and setup, you will enjoy full access to our 24/7 technical-led global support service. This is staffed completely in-house and utilizes our fully trained technical engineers as first line support.

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